1.03. Chinese access of international Internet sites

The Chinese internet structure is very large with very heavily used international connections which often leads to slow response times to international internet sites; website, social media, APP, etc.

For more information please see: Chinese internet structure

Can your business internet site be seen in China: Internet site visibility testing in China

Make your internet site be seen and found in China: Access to China services

To help speed up your internet sites, here are some pointers to check.


Subject Action Recommended Priority Checked?
Visibility of your internet site page If you have large files, e.g. images, look at reducing their sizes High  
Visibility of your internet site page on a mobile Are you reducing the size of your media, e.g. images, video, etc, when displayed on a smaller screen High  
Internet site contents loaded from different parts of the internet Whilst your hosting may response quickly, often third-party components can responsed slowly in China. High  
Slow internet Moving you hosting around on the internet may help facilitate the fastest path through the internet to your customers Medium  
Chinese DNS lookup Look at using Chinese DNS for your domain names Medium  
Blocked internet content Replace blocked content from a different source High  

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