Over 75% of overseas internet contents cannot be seen in China in under 20 seconds.

Over 45% of overseas internet contents cannot be seen in China.

Sozhou - Access to China Chinese location

For Chinese businesses, it is true today as it has been for over 15 years;

"There is not a simple method to identifying potential overseas products and services"

Chinese businesses, like most busineses world-wide, start their search for products and services on the internet.

Chinese busiensses searching on the internet, will see about 25% of international internet businesses contents.

There is a very high probability that your business internet contents; website, socoal media, etc, cannot be seen in China.

Access to China has developed effective platforms to enable your business internet contents; website, videos, etc, to be seen on the internet in China at less cost than an economy plane ticket to china per year.

  • WiTravel - Opening the Chinese market to your tourist destination
  • B2B66 - Enabling your business to be seen and found on the China internet
  • B2C66 - Giving your business access to the Chinese consumer

These platforms go on the “front ending” your existing internet contents and enable;

  • Your business internet contents to be seen in China
    • Replace blocked internet contents
    • Speed up your website response in China
    • Re-host multi-media allowing access in China
  • Allow your internet contents to be seen in China
    • Local hosting and domain name
    • Translate SEO data into Chinese
    • Chinese search engines submission

Our platforms approach “front ends” your exiting business internet contents;

  • sufficiently reduces costs in developing a new website for Chinese market: $400 to $600 not $4,000 to $6,.
  • sufficiently reduces implementation time: days not weeks or months.
  • Your Chinese internet enquiries and orders are processed by your existing systems and therefore removing the need to monitor and maintain a different system for the Chinese market.
  • No need to maintain two databases: product, prices, etc.
  • No need to maintain two systems: lowest operational costs.

Access to China approach enables your business to test the Chinese market at; low costs and low risk, and without distracts for running the day to day business during time of development.

To learn more on how this works, please follow this link, please follow this link