1.11. Emailing in China


The approach to email addresses has been different in China. Historically many people use their private email account for business not a company email address.

This often means verifying who works for which company is confusing.

This has been changing in recent years;

  • Chinese business has started using their own domain name
  • New email providers are now available of email, e.g. Microsoft 360, QQ mail, etc.

In China today there is no reason for a company to run their own email system.

For more information please see: Chinese email


Subject Action Recommended Prioirty Checked?
Is your company email accessible in China Many of the overseas email systems are blocked in China High  
QQ mail QQ mail accounts are available, run out of Hong Kong, and available to overseas companies Medium  
Email security If your business emails contain critical information, seriously and take independent advice. Medium  
Your local Chinese office If you are operating a local Chinese office, it is recommended that staff use company email addresses and not personnel email accounts. Medium  
WeChat WeChat functionality is replacing emails. A review of the use of WeChat and the role in your business is recommended Medium  

Version V1.4 - 18 June 2019

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