1.14. GEO DNS

A Geo DNS is key to unlocking a high-performance internet service in China.

When an internet user requests access to your internet site, a Geo DNS will locate the fastest access point to respond to the internet user request. This normally performed by location.

This turns a Cloud Service into a Distributed Data Service which meets better the demands of today’s internet user for fast response with increasing amount of international data.

For this to work, your cloud service supplier will need to able to distribute your internet site through the major networks in China.

For more information please see: Geo DNS


Subject Action Recommended Proirty Checked?
GEO DNS Does your Cloud service provider support GEO DNS for the Chinese internet High  
China GEO DNS Does the GEO DNS support the different internet networks in China Medium  
Distributed Cloud service Are distributed Cloud services supported? Often internet sites use CDN (content delivery network) for multi-media. Medium  
CDN service Does your CND service provider operate in China Medium  

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