1.13. Chinese local DNS records

International DNS (Domain Name Server) records can take two to three attempts from a browser in China to locate your internet site.

Often the Chinese user stops trying and give up. It does not help that the local ISP often displays their internet site instead of your company website when they cannot find DNS in under 20ms.

The issue is caused by the master Name Service (NS) for domain is reposing too slow from outside China. After two to three attempts the Chinese internet has found your DNS records and all works as normally until the DNS record timeout and the processes starts look over again.

For more information please see: Chinese local DNS records


Subject Action Recommended Priority Checked?
DNS look up Check your domain name DNS look up time in China High  
Local DNS hosting Create NS record in China Medium  
Use a local DNS Where you need a local DNS, we recommend and not Google / Medium  
Locally purchased Chinese domain name A locally Chinese purchased domain name includes local Chinese DNS services

For more information, please see: services.accesstochina.com

DNS record timeout Do not set the TLL parameter to low for your DNS records … 24 hours plus is preferable High  

Version V1.3. - 18 June 2019

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