1.05. Look and feel of your business on the Chinese internet

Chinese business and consumers want to see overseas internet sites with a look and feel of your local country. They do not want see a Chinese looking internet site which will question the genuine source of product or service.

Creditability of information, products, services, etc, on the internet has been an issue for many years, “How do you know what you are reading is correct or are you purchasing genuine product”.

Most internet site in China are viewed using mobiles or tablets. Desk-top screens are still used in businesses along with laptops.

Most Chinese internet content is designed as dynamic websites or APPs.

A dynamic internet site is when the presentation of your contents changes with the size of screen being used to view your site. This is often referred to as a "Responsive Website Design".

A non-Dynamic internet site is hard to read on smaller screens and therefore not viewed on mobile successfully. In some cases, tablet as well.

For more information please see: Chinese websites Look and Feel


Subject Action Recommended Priority Checked?
Internet site Is your aite dynamic? High  
Internet content What is the style of your internet content? (overseas style is preferable to Chinese High  
Internet site Does your site look professional on a mobile? High  
Internet site Does your site look professional on a tablet? High  
Internet content Have you optimised your images for use on a small screen? High  
Internet site Have you tested each of your key site pages with Google mobile page test? https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly High  

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