3.05. e-Commerce from outside China

There are great success stories of overseas companies selling directly to the end consumer.

We offer the following approach for SME wishing to enter the Chinese consumer market.

Our recommendation is based on a business which wishes to enter the Chinese consumer without high costs / risk. The offset to this is your margins will be lower but could match the margins you achieve in your local market. The opportunity is increased turnover in the world’s largest market at low risk.

For more information please see: e-Commerce from Outside China


Subject Action Recommended Priority Checked?
Chinese eMalls Review the options available from Chinese eMalls High  
Brand / trademark Is your brand / trademark registered in China High  
Chinese product standards Do your products meet Chinese local standards e.g. power ratings High  
Marketing What are your marketing options and costs for the Chinese market High  
Chinese social media What options are available Medium  
Reseller Appoint a Chinese reseller Medium  
Shipping service levels What options and costs for shipping to China Medium  

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