3.02. Chinese product licensing

Outside China we call this “Product Certification” which is enforced by “Trading Standard” office. This is call “Product Licensing” in its English translations.

For products sold directly to a consumer from overseas a Chinese product license is normally not required as these are “one-off” product sales. An example of an exception to this rule is electrical goods. The certification standard is electrical goods is CCC. Most international electrical goods already have this this certification.

In the same way as any country Customs, China will inspect and seize goods which do not meet local standards. This does not happen often to goods sold directly to consumers from an overseas company.

The major point to consider is if the product is being sold directly by a Chinese business; e.g. wholesaler, retailer, Chinese on-line store. Local Product Licensing must be in place.

For more information please see: Chinese Product Licencing


Subject Action Recommended Priority Checked?
Chinese safety standards Is the product operate safely in China e.g. Power supply (~ V230 not V110) High  
Brand ownership Make sure you own your brand / trademark in China before start looking at Chinese product testing / licensing High  
Direct to the consumer from outside China Test shipment and customs clearance before committing to a Chinese marketing campaign, etc. Medium  
Chinese wholesaling Local testing and licencing maybe required for your products are been sold locally in China Medium  
Licensing ownership Make sure that any licensing is owned by your companies not a third parties. Medium  
Existing licensing Check if your current product testing paper may be acceptable in China . Medium  
Sell locally in China Check if any local testing / licensing is required in China High  

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