2.08. Publishing your internet site outside China

If you are unable to publish inside China there are other options available, including using platforms to make your products and services seen.

For more information please see: pushing your inetrent site outside China, Chinese internet publishing options and Internet site visibility testing in China


Subject Action Recommended Proirty Checked?
Be seen on the Chinese internet Can your internet site be seen in China?

Access to China services

Be found on the Chinese internet Can your internet site be found in China?

Access to China services

Brand / trademark registration Have your business trademarks  resisted in China: Chinese Intellectual property rights High  
Transaction into Chinese Translation SEO data and key information

Chinese language on the internet

Chinese social Media Create accounts for key staff in WeChat High  
Chinese social media Resister your business in WeChat and Weibo Medium  
Chinese internet marketing Enter in an agreement Cinese social media agency Low  

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