05. Platform location and resources

All platform services can be hosted in Hong Kong or Suzhou (just outside Shanghai).

All platform services can be hosted in Hong Kong or Suzhou (just outside Shanghai). Which hosting platform we use will depend on your website contents. Does your website contents meet the requirements of Chinese ICP. For more information, please see Chinese ICP monitoring  (bottom of the article) 

Both hosting locations give fast access to the internet in China.

Where they are hosted will depend on content of your website, e.g.

To operate an e-Commerce website in China you need to be a Chinese trading company. The Chinese rules and registration is straight forward; If you selling products or services on-line inside China you operating the same as if you were running a high street shop and therefore Chinese business is required.

When required, you can increase the resource use in our platform, e.g. internet traffic, cached data, etc.

If an increase in platform resource is required, e.g. your website has a large number of images, additional cashed data may be required. We will monitor our platform and if required recommend any increase in resources.

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