02. Additional SEO adjustments

All websites will require SEO changes for the Chinese search engines.

e.g. page titles, descriptions, main headings (H1 and H2), menu, etc.

There are 50 changes for the SEO included the setup fees. If these 50 SEO changes not all used in full in the setup, the balance will be carried forward.

The balance can be used for on-going SEO changes when as required.

If more than 50 SEO changes are required in the set up or in the future, additional 50 SEO changes can be purchased as required.

Note: We recommended the SEO data is translation by a member of your organisation that understand your business. This always will give a more meaningful translation. If this is not available to you, we do offer a SEO translation service . Please see additional add-on services for more information; Translation SEO data into Chinese.

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