WiTravel Platform

Open your tourist and business destinations to be viewed on the Chinese internet by millions of people

The number of Chinese people travelling outside China continues to grow year on year.

In 2020, this business is estimated to be worth over $600,000,000,000 world-wide.

number of Chinese travelers
value of chinese travel business

The value of this business is worth over $2,000 per person.

Many Chinese people are making their second, third, fourth trip overseas on holiday. Chinese people have now started making their own travel arrangements and need access to overseas websites to make their plans their destinations and arrangements.

Given that most overseas internet contents: websites, social medium, etc, cannot be seen from China, Chinese people often have to rely on local travel agents to make arrangements and bookings.

In turn, local travel agents have to rely on trade shows and overseas contacts for the information to enable to make recommendation to Chinese travelling public.

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