4.03. Chinese payment gateways

Having a payment gateway that processes local payment methods, including local credit cards, is needed for successful trading on the internet.

All countries have rules and regulations on which payment method can be used and when. To that end, China has its rules and regulations and will not allow a Chinese business to operate payment processes on non Chinese approved systems. This applies to all internet transactions processed on server / cloud / data centres located in China. All payment made in China must be to a Chinese bank account.

An overseas business needs to have access to some parts of these payment gateways if you want to trade widely and successfully with Chinese people and businesses. “If you cannot take a payment you cannot process an order”.

For more information please see: Chinese payment gateways


Subject Action Recommended Priority Checked?
Your exiting payment gateways Does your existing payment gateway know to the Chinese consumer High  
Your exiting payment gateways Is your existing payment gateways known to the Chinese consumer High  
Currency What currencies are going to be accepted Medium  
UnionPay Does your current gateway accept UnionPay Medium  
WePay Add a WePay gateway Medium  
Alipay Add an Alipay gateway Medium  
Bank Transfer Does your current gateway allow for bank transfers Low  
Gateway changes What are the terms, changes and currencies for each gateway option Medium  

Version V1.4. - 20 June 2019

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