B2B66 Platform

Enabling your business to be seen and found on the China internet

Over the last 10 years we I heard on many occasions in China and from Chinese people travelling world-wide; we cannot locate organisations and companies around the world to create trading opportunities.

The internet will normally be their main source of daily information and people the Chinese businesses met at trade shows and on international trade delegations.

This is not surprising given;

Over 75% of overseas internet contents cannot be seen in China in under 20 seconds.

Over 45% of overseas internet contents cannot be seen in China.

The B2B66 platform enables company’s websites throughout the world to be seen in China including the Chinese search engines.

Most Chinese organisations and companies will start their research on the internet with the Chinese search engines;



Chinese market Share: 75.88%


360 Search

360 Search

Chinese market Share: 6.37%




Chinese market Share: 3.59%




Chinese market Share: 9.35%


They may have limited access to the international search engines. If they are searching in Chinese most overseas will not show in the results.



Chinese market Share: 1.67%




Chinese market Share: 1.14%


There are two stages performed by Access to China in enabling your internet contents to be seen in China;

  • Your business internet contents to be seen in China
    • Replace blocked internet contents
    • Speed up your website response in China
    • Re-host multi-media allowing access in China
  • Allow your internet contents to be seen in China
    • Local hosting and domain name
    • Translate SEO data into Chinese
    • Chinese search engines submission

These steps take less than a day for Access to China to setup and get seen on the Chinese internet at a very low setup and monthly costs.

Learn more and make a start

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